Bear Celebrates Free Screensaver

Bear Celebrates Free Screensaver

Bear Celebrates Screensaver depicts a polar bear on Christmas
Magic 3d, Digital Elk

Bear Celebrates Screensaver is a lovely animated screensaver that depicts a polar bear stranded in the middle of the ocean on a piece of ice. The polar bear will dance following the Christmas music, then will play a song with his harmonica, and then will start decorating his Christmas tree, among other activities. He's really bored, so he tries doing different things to pass the time. It is really funny and cute. The screensaver offers nice cartoonish graphics, although they aren't very detailed. Unfortunately, the only customization option it offers is the ability to change the resolution. Also, it doesn't offer ambient sounds, which would definitely make it more realistic and attractive. However, it offers many different beautiful songs related to Christmas that create a very relaxing atmosphere.
In short, Bear Celebrates Screensaver is an original and lovely screensaver that will make you laugh and entertain you for the time it is on. Also, the more time it is on, the more you will discover about the story of the bear. It is perfect for kids.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely theme
  • Beautiful pieces of music
  • Nice story


  • Almost no customization options
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